Matt Brock

Matt Brock

Urban landscape photographer

I'm based in London and have been a photographer for over 20 years, specialising in atmospheric urban landscape photography. With my work I explore the evocative, surreal and sometimes dark side of city existence in a visceral way. I use a variety of techniques including mobile photography (iPhoneography), digital Lomography, digital pinhole photography, and infrared.

I was an early pioneer of mobile photography and have been heavily involved in the worldwide iPhoneography movement since 2009. I continue to be an exponent of mobile photography as it transitions from a niche artform to a mainsteam medium.

Gallery of my recent photos

These are updated daily from my Flickr photostream using a Bash script with ImageMagick, then presented with the fancyBox jQuery gallery tool.

Further information and links


High quality prints of my photos, all professionally print-wrapped on foamex and available to buy now

iPhoneography book

My iPhoneography book, featuring atmospheric images of London shot and edited on an iPhone 3G

Facebook page

My Facebook page has all my photos from my Flickr photostream in an easily likeable form

Flickr photostream

My Flickr photostream is where I put most of my photos so I can interact with the Flickr community

Creative Blog

My blog contains updates on my creative activities, along with relevant tips and observations


I tweet regularly about creative issues and experiences plus a variety of other random insights

Exhibitions, events and achievements

August 2014
My photo Cold, Hard Reality chosen for Apps Uncovered on iPhoneographyCentral
March 2013
My photo City Glow chosen for iPhone Panoramas Look Much Better Than You Think on Fstoppers
December 2012
My photo Charming Reflections chosen for the Faved on Flickr showcase on Life in LoFi
My photo To the Ends of the Earth chosen for the Through the Lens of an iPhone showcase on the iPhoneography blog
August 2012
One of 12 mobile photographers chosen to be included in the In Praise of Mobile Phone Photography exhibition in the Forward Thinking Museum
July 2012
Commenced a solo exhibition of my photographs at Oliver's Village Cafe in Belsize, London
May 2012
My photo The Closer You Get To Paradise, The More It Fades Away featured on ScratchCam's Five Flickr Faves
March 2012
My photo Quantum of Solstice featured on Handpicked London
My photo Quantum of Solstice chosen as first ever cover photo for Photography London
December 2011
My photo Quantum of Solstice featured on Photography London
November 2011
My photo Neon and Earl Grey included in the Through the Lens of an iPhone showcase on the iPhoneography blog
Gave a talk at the Apple Store, Regent Street as part of the London iPhoneography Group and Friends event
My photo Neon and Earl Grey used in the Black and White exhibition at the Autunno in Musica festival, Italy
September 2011
Made it into ScratchCam's Five Flickr Faves 13/09/2011
Commenced Matt Brock: iPhoneography @ Cafe Seventy Nine, an exhibition of my iPhone photographs in Primrose Hill, London (my first solo photography exhibition)
August 2011
My photo Container City, Trinity Buoy Wharf included in The Pros and Cons of Cargo Container Architecture on the ArchDaily website
Had a print of one of my photos displayed in Swiss Cottage Gallery, London as part of their Open Open exhibition
Made it into ScratchCam's Five Flickr Faves 10/08/11
Won fotogriPhone's PIC OF THE DAY award for the second time
July 2011
Wrote A Beginner's Guide to iPhone Photography for Digital Photographer Magazine
Helped to organise the very successful London iPhoneographers: Street Photography event at the Apple Store, Regent Street
June 2011
Wrote a comprehensive and popular blog post on the current state of iPhoneography called iPhoneography: where photography, art and technology truly meet which has had over 70 mentions on Twitter
May 2011
Invited to join the iPhoneography100, a group of "the world's best iPhoneographers, Mobile Photographers and iPhone Artists"
March 2011
One of my photos published in the i.Phoneography book due to being a finalist in their contest (September 2010)
January 2011
First photo featured on Flickr Explore
Won fotogriPhone's PIC OF THE DAY award for the first time
December 2010
Included in Life in LoFi's Gallery of iPhone Photo Books
October 2010
Included in iPhoneogenic's Top 25 for 10/2010
iPhoneographer of the Day on iPhoneogenic
Featured on Bickr by guest editor Reservoir_Dan
September 2010
Formed the London iPhoneography Group
First of my photos accepted on Pixels At An Exhibition
Included in the 15 best photos in Wired's Smartphone Photography Contest
Finalist in the i.Phoneography photo contest
April 2010
Reviewed on the musclesmove blog
August 2009
Showcased on the iPhoneography blog

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